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Fundamental Investing

We rely on sound economic theory and analysis to help us deliver long-term, repeatable results.

Systematically Applied

A disciplined methodology underlies everything we do. Our investment process, built over 20 years, is based on a continuous process of design, test, refine, repeat.

Thoughtfully Designed

In portfolio construction, risk management and trading, we seek additional value for our clients. Using both qualitative and quantitative tools, we’re meticulous in every detail of the investment process.


AQR Apex: A Multi-Strategy Alternative Approach

A multi-strategy alternative approach combines multiple strategies, providing a natural one-stop shop for liquid diversifying returns.

Innovations in Trend Following

Different styles of trend following are diversifying to one another and can provide strong potential benefits when combined in a diversified trend portfolio.

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

AQR is committed to helping our clients achieve their ESG goals. We seek to integrate ESG in both our asset selection and our ownership decisions.

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Sometimes we just want to make a point, or start a conversation. These timely posts offer opinions about everything from quantitative finance to baseball stats.
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Wide-ranging, evidence-driven, and practical investment insights from our Portfolio Solutions Group.
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